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Smart Card

Setup Smart Card

 Start Smart Card  Addon

From Option menu,  select Smart Card menu item.

 Setup Card Group

When user use Smart Card addon for the first time, the app will ask user to select a account group as Card Group.  The group typically will have all the credit card accounts(For example, the "Credit Cards" group in default database).   This is a REQUIRED. You must specify a card group first.

If you have not setup up credit card account group yet, go back to group setup and add all the credit card accounts first.

You can always change the card group later if you have made a mistake or changed your mind  by selecting Set Card Group option menu in Smart Card window(The option should be used carefully since it will clear your existing setup data). 


 Setup Category

The category listed all the categories your card can get rebate on . For example: gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores, etc.  You can open Category Setup window by pressing Category Setup option menu item from Smart Card main window.

Smart Card addon already pre-populate a list of commonly used categories for the user.  You can add, edit and delete any categories based on your card rebate info as needed.

 Setup Card Cash Back Information                                     

After Card Group and Categories are setup, the last and the most important step is to setup cash back info for each card:
  • Select the card from the card drop down list. For example, Chase Freedom Credit Card. 
  • Check the category which your card will have rebate on  by tapping on the check box near the category(All the fields for the category will be enabled). For example, Gas Stations.
  • Enter the rebate percentage. For example, 5%.
  • Some Card has cash back bonus only during certain period of the year. For example,
    Chase Freedom Credit Card only offer 5% cash back during July-September period. For this kind of cash back, you can click on the calendar icon and set up the cash back valid date range. In this case, from 07/01 to 09/30.  Once the date range is set, the icon will become green or red (green means the date range is current, red means current day is out of range).

* Make sure you click Save icon after you have done card setup. Otherwise the information will not be saved.

Default Card:

You can also choose selected card as a default card by tapping the star icon. The default card will be chosen when multiple cards have the same cash back percentage for a given category. The star icon will be yellow when a selected card is default card.

* One and only one card can be set as default card at a time.

Use Smart Card Addon

 From App

You can use Smart Card to find out the best cash back for a given category from Checkmark Account Manager app:
  • Select Smart Card menu item from options menu.
  • In Smart Card window, select the category you would like to purchase (only category defined in the card cash back setup window will be shown).
  • All the credit Card with cash back for the given category or with "All Other Purchases" will be shown with the best percentage shown on top with green background. 
 From Widget 

Alternatively, you can use Smart Card Widget to find out the best cash back rebate for a given category, this is a recommended way since it does not require user to open up the app explicitly.
  • Put a Smart Card Widget to one of your screen
  • Click the choose icon and select a category from the list.
  • The best card with the percentage will be shown in the widget.

* The widget is resizable so feel free to resize the widget to the size you want.

Case Study

Suppose you have 3 credit cards:
  1. Chase Freedom Credit Card
  2. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card.
  3. Discovery Card
They have cash back bonus on Gas stations as follows:

 Card Jan-MarApr-Jun
 Jul-Sep Oct-Dec
Chase Freedom Credit Card 5% 1% 5% 1%
American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card 3% 3% 3% 3%
Discovery Card
 5% 1%1%
  1. Setup Card Group: create a new group or use existing credit cards group; Add the 3 credit cards to it.
  2. Setup Cash Back Bonus Info: Add the cash back information on Gas Station for the 3 cards in smart card card setup window. For illustrating purpose, let's select Discovery Card as default card. 

Once setup is complete, you can run smart card addon at any time to get the best cash back bonus on Gas Stations purchase:

  • Jan-Mar: Discovery Card 5% (same as Chase Freedom Credit Card; since Discovery Card is the default card, we choose Discovery Card)
  • Apr-Jun: American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card 3%
  • Jul-Sep: Chase Freedom Credit Card 5%
  • Oct-DecAmerican Express Blue Cash Preferred Card 3%