Checkmark Account Manager is an app that can  securely store your important account and password information locally in phone device or desktop client, including a  Android version and companion desktop client Checkmark Personal Assistant.

Ever having trouble to remember all your account and password information, Checkmark Account Manager is your perfect solution.  It helps to organize your essential data, provide secure data encryption and extensive data entry to enter all sort of data.  You can access your data anywhere through cloud sync. Don’t take any chances with your passwords and personal account information; keep your data safe and secure with Checkmark Account Manager!

With Checkmark Account Manager, you can do:
  • A companion desktop client
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Secure data encryption 
  • Extensive data entry support: edit box, dropdown list, date time, checkbox, password field etc. 
  • Action associated with account can let you send email, phone, map address in a instance. 
  • Attach account with applications on your phone so you can quickly access an app.
  •  Drag and drop support to sort group fields.
  • Intuitive UI and easy navigation for easy learning curve.
  • Integration with other Checkmark products.